Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Samsung Teases Foldable Phone This Phone Will Come Very Soon

Samsung Teases Foldable Phone This Phone Will Come Very Soon
With New Logo On Social Media as Unveiling Nears

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

This is the Latest Move in Samsung s
Efforts to Build up Hype Around it's Fast to Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Has Updated The Profile Image on its 
Official Samsung Mobile Twitter Account To Tease
The Launch of its Long Awaited Foldable Smartphone
The Image Show The Words Samsung Folding in Half With The 
Second 'S' in The Name Acting as the Hinge Where the Upcoming Phone

Word Fold the Character on the Logo Fold Evenly Signalling 
The Foldable Smartphone Will Fold Evenly Similar to a Laptop 
The  Samsung Foldable Phone is Expectet to Be Unveiled at
 the Developer Conference the Company is Hosting in Clifornia 
On November 7th and November 8th

The Change in Logo By Samsung Come To Less than a
Fortnight After The Company Alluded to The Folder 
Smartphone With a New for Teaser Developed Conference 
on Twitter it is Rumoured That Samsung  May Not Actually 
Unveil The Handset At Event on November 7th instead Samsung
 CO CEO and Mobile Chief DJ Koh May Only Details the Features 
Of The Smartphone to Developer and The Other Partner
While Keeping the Official Release for A Later Date it is Said
The Handset Will Become  Available Purchase Early Next Year ,
With the Company Estimating The Sales Figures Of 500,000 to 1,000,000

As For The Features The Samsung Foldable Smartphone Reports Has an OLED 
Panel That Fold in Half Thanks To a Hinge Design  it is Also Said To Be a Dual Screen Device
When Unfolded it Will Reportedly Have a 7.3 Inch Screen and a Similer 4.6 Inch Panel On The Outside When Folded To Check Notification Massage etc. However This Design 
Makes The Smartphone thicker and Also Increases It's Battery Requirement The Smartphone May Be Called Galaxy F With The Display Getting The Infinity V Moniker

Koh Has Previously Said The Foldable Phone Will Bring Meaningful Features to The Market 
And That It Could  Pave The Way for Even Bigger Screen  on Smartphone Without Making 
Thaem Unwieldy Or To Bulky A Number Of Other Brands Are in the Race To Pip 
Samsung in Bringing the Fast Handset With a A Foldable Phone Design to The Market 
Such as LG Huawei and Lenovo However All Of Them Have Been Beaten Already By The Royole Flexpai Which Went on Sale Last Week And Bears A Price Tag of $1,300 (  Rs. 95,000 )

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